Scarves: the Power Pieces Your Wardrobe Needs Right Now

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Philipp Sidler

You’ve seen them on royals and movie stars alike. French ladies consider them more important than rent money. They are believed to lend more confidence and poise than a Harvard degree. The BBC identified them as a “new power symbol” for women. Honestly, we could go on forever…

Nothing else in your wardrobe will multitask better than a scarf. It keeps you warm, can be worn on your head, around the waist, and even wrapped around your bag strap, may be tied in a knot or a bow, will cover an unexpected coffee stain on your precious silk blouse, and it will always fit, no matter if you lose or gain weight.

Way cheaper than buying a whole new outfit, scarves will take boring ensembles from simple to simply divine in no time. They come in endless patterns and color combos, lots of fabrics and lengths, and they look great from desk to dinner. Depending on their texture, they can be paired with anything from tailored suits to strapless dresses to chunky knits.

Thanks to their huge potential for instant uplift, scarves are no longer mere fashion accessories. They have slowly but surely transcended to the position of essential pieces because women have globally recognized their power to make unrelated separates look like the most stylish outfit.

If you have not owned one yet, it is time to add a fierce game-changing scarf to your wardrobe arsenal. Oh, and remember, don’t just wear it, flaunt it.

Check out our scarves, I am sure you are going to find the perfect piece for you.

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