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Philipp Sidler

Pioneers in contemporary fashion

As a thriving designer with a newly launched label outside of a major fashion capital, I fully understand the importance of a global platform that allows me to connect with an international audience and showcase my own accessories from Switzerland, my home country.

I was extremely happy to discover NJAL ( – the world’s leading designer platform that showcases today’s pioneers in contemporary fashion, and extremely honoured to become one of their members, especially since I am one of the very few scarf designers chosen by them.

Being part of a community of independent designers from over 100 countries is so exciting! NJAL allows industry professionals to buy directly from designers, thus helping us establish our brand voice and image within the fashion industry.

All NJAL designers have individual virtual showrooms showcasing their collections, and hereby I proudly invite you to visit mine by clicking here.

If you think that successful, contemporary fashion designers, such as Damir Doma, Mary Katrantzou and Rad Hourani initially established their profiles on NJAL, you will understand what a huge impact this amazing platform can have on a young designer’s career.

I am looking forward to everything this thrilling partnership is going to bring!

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