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Philipp Sidler

Since the moment I “launched” the blog on my website I keep telling myself to regularly write new articles. But also do regularly fail on this. It’s simply because I am not much a writing person. And I don’t like to write blog posts only for the sake of marketing, that I get a better rankings on Google and all this stuff.

So this blog post is kind of an exception. Cause I really have the feeling that I need to write this post about how I got the chance to showcase my three upcoming collections during the Fashion Week in London, as it might help other young fashion designers, and speaking out a big THANK YOU to Savita Kaye (House of iKons).

Two years back, when I decided to design my own scarves and turn my passion into a business, I wasn’t and I am still not really interested into fashion, or passionate about this industry. But I do love scarves. Scarves are like canvas that you can turn into a piece of art, that requires to follow some “rules” to make it look good when wearing it. I love it. It’s also a versatile piece of fashion like no other.

So for me it was kind a hard to figure out a way to make people notice my brand. Cause I never head any connections to people in the fashion industry. Therefore I was looking for people who are passionate about supporting emerging fashion designers. That’s when I found about Savita and the fantastic cooperations she already did in the past with emerging fashion designers. I wrote her an email, if she could help me to get my brand out there. You can’t imagine how surprised I was when she offered me to show my collections during the fashion week in London at the House of iKons. Suddenly my own perception of my brand was a completely different one, cause there was a person now, who offered me support in a way that I even didn’t think would exist in this field.

When I am thinking about that I will go in four weeks (16th of September) to London to showcase my scarves during a fashion show, where models are wearing my scarves on the catwalk, my stomach turns upside down and I get nervous but of course it makes me really happy!

Thanks a lot for this opportunity Savita!

And if you are curious to know how this journey goes on, check back to see more updates. Cause there is so much going on inside and around me right now, that I am sure I can’t hold it back and need to write about it.

Here you can get tickets for the showcase.

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  • Hello Phillip, indeed Savita is great person to work with! I am looking forward to seeing your collection. -and meeting another swiss brand like me at LFW on 16th! Good luck with the preparation

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