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Philipp Sidler

The nice thing about doing an interview is, that you have to think about aspects of your work, that you may haven’t done before. So here is the first part of the interview for the dfashion. The original interview can be found here.

Philipp Sidler: How the story begins…

How is written on the Philipp Sidler ´s website… “If variety is the spice of life then our range of show-stopping, high-quality accessories is a veritable banquet for any fashion LOVER.

You are an illustrator…so where was born the idea of doing scarves? And would you tell us why scarves?

In 2015 I had to do an X-ray from my arm and I was kind of fascinated to see that image of my bones. Cause they are always there but you usually never got to see them. And I thought that it’s actually a beautiful picture – this x-ray.

So I started to get all kind of books from the library where I could find bones in it from the human body but also from animals. Out of illustrations then I built like a bone kit – a collection of all kind of bones. I arranged them together and created lots of different figures. And during this process of creating all kind of figures I started to think how could I get them alive.

Outside of my mac onto something. I put this question into my subconsciousness and let it do the rest of the job. Bringing me the answer to the question.

















And then one day, I was sitting in the train, next to me was sitting a young woman. When she got up to leave the train, I realised that she left her scarf behind. So I took it and called her. When I was sitting down again, I knew I found the answer. My designs, if arranged as patterns would be perfect for scarves.

Cause for a designer scarves are pretty much like a big canvas. Apart from that, scarves, or foulards as we say here, had always something tempting to me. And I also love the versatility of scarves. You can wear them in many different ways around your head, neck, even as a top or as a nice accessories around the handles of a big.  So I decided to launch my own “fashion” brand.

Snake Charmer Neck


















Would you tell us what does the sketch of your design mean to you? Is it already a piece of art or anything else? And is there any difference between the sketch and the final product?

In my work this really depends on the illustration/figure. For example for the design “Bone Kaleidoscope” from the Post Mortem Collection I first created one figure out of many bones. And already this figure alone I do still like a lot. So I probably going to create T-Shirts with this figure. Only in black and white. For the scarves design I arranged this figure 16 time to a circle. And with this circle in different sizes I create the final design.

And then there are other designs like the Flamin Flamingos from the Carpe Diem Collection, where the sketch, the single element, is nothing special. Just in combination it becomes a good design.

But in all cases the biggest different to the sketches to the final versions are the colors. Sketches are always in black and white. And that’s basically my comfort zone. Adding color is to me the most challenging part. Cause the design itself come naturally out of my mind. But I don’t see the designs automatically in the according colors. So here I am really happy for the inputs of my wife. She can pass by one of my “sketches” and say, that this would look nice in that or this color combination. And very often I go for it.

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