Sonia Hensler

Illustrations by Sonia Hensler

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Philipp Sidler

On our way to launch the Post Mortem collection we worked together with lots of great people. One of them is Sonia Hensler, an UK-based artist with extensive, worldwide experience in a variety of areas, ranging from editorial work and art direction to web design and bespoke erotic portraiture.

Her work is often centred on her love of Victorian fashion, design and architecture. The Victorian aesthetic manages to combine unique, Anglian elegance with a dark, sometimes challenging, gothic flair. There is a playful balance at work in this period where whimsy vies with formality, creating an unlikely juxtaposition that undoubtedly informs and enriches her work as an illustrator.

Therefore she was the perfect fit for what we were looking for.

Skullptural Symphony Neck Long Skullptural Symphony Top Skullptural Symphony Neck Marine Stillness Neck Marine Stillness Neck Long Marine Stillness Top Winged Crush Neck Long Winged Crush Top Winged Crush Neck Snake Charmer Scarf Snake Charmer Scarf Bone Kaleidoscope Scarf Snake Charmer Top
Snake Charmer Neck Long

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