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25 Ways to wear a Scarf

If you are a scarf lover you already know that there is no other fashion accessoires that you can wear in so many different ways. So when buying a scarf you don’t simply buy a piece of fabric, you buy...



Buy elastic-waist pants and skirts–they’re more comfortable. Emphasize your best feature: Great legs? Wear short skirts. Create balance by wearing shoulder pads–they can make your hips look smaller. Wear loose, comfortable clothes in soft, drapey fabrics. They’re forever forgiving. Road...


Now part of the Wolf&Badger pack

It finally happened! When I launched my brand two years ago, I set myself a couple of goals. One was that Wolf&Badger would stock my products. Why? Cause their are without doubt the number one address for emerging designers. At...


Interview with dfashion

The nice thing about doing an interview is, that you have to think about aspects of your work, that you may haven’t done before. So here is the first part of the interview for the dfashion. The original interview can...

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