25 Ways to wear a Scarf

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Philipp Sidler

If you are a scarf lover you already know that there is no other fashion accessoires that you can wear in so many different ways. So when buying a scarf you don’t simply buy a piece of fabric, you buy a fashion piece that you can wear at least in 25 way completely different ways. So a scarf is always worth the money. Don’t believe me? Then check out this video from Wendys Lookbook to see how it’s done. After this video I am sure you will become a scarf lover if you aren’t already.

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1. The Modern One Loop

Probably the easiest way to wear a scarf: the scarf is once wrapped around the neck and then hangs down loosely on both sides. To make the winding not too tight, you can loosen up a bit, so that the scarf rests more airy on the neck.

2. The Classic Drape

You do not always have to tie a scarf. Especially in summer, a scarf is primarily used as an accessory and not to warm the neck. The scarf is simply loosely around the neck with this technique. The free scarf ends hang loose and give the outfit a summery, casual touch. Especially with foulards made of light silk a good way to wear the scarf.

3. The Bunny Ear

This Schalbinde technique is called in German “The Rabbit Ear”. If you’ve tried it yourself, you know why. So how do you tie the scarf with this technique? First, wrap your scarf or foulard around your neck twice. Then pull one end of the scarf through the loops around the neck. As a final step knot the two scarf ends together. The ends now look like two bunny ears.

4. The Double Rainbow

This is an interesting bandage technique if you have a scarf with two different colored sides. How do you make that both sides of the scarf come into their own? First, put the scarf around your neck. The two ends of the scarf then hang down. Now turn the two ends 180 degrees so that the other side looks forward.

5. The Turtleneck

In this tip you will learn how to tie a scarf tight fitting. The scarf is first wrapped around the neck three times. Then knot the two scarf ends and stow them under the already wrapped scarf. So you give yourself a tighter look, which can also fit well with a business outfit.

6. The Infinity

A scarf naturally has two ends. But there are also so-called “loop scarves” or “infinity scarves”. These are scarves that have no beginning and no end, so are simply closed circles. In this scarf tip, this is exactly what is done with a rectangular scarf. You knot the scarf ends together and get his scarf ring. You can now lay it around your neck twice.

7. The Toss

A very simple way to wear a scarf. Here, the scarf is not tied, but only once laid around the neck. The one end of the scarf then hangs down in front, the other end of the scarf loosely dangles the back. An uncomplicated way of wearing for the summer.

8. The European Loop

This is probably the most common way to knot a scarf. You take the scarf twice and put it around your neck. Then pull the ends through the loop. This look is equally suitable for ladies and gentlemen and always looks good. Especially with voluminous scarves, the “European” technique is good to apply.

9. The Basic Loop

Also a classic, how to wear a scarf. That’s why the name “Basic”. The scarf is wrapped once around the neck. Then you grab a loose scarf-end and pull it through the loop on the neck. Finished! This is a good technique for scarves when you need to go fast and look leggere.

10. The Wrap

Probably one of the best ways to wear a paddock in the summer. The foulard is simply loosely swung over the shoulders and can complement your summer outfit in color. Also, the scarf can give you pleasant warmth, if it should be a little cooler.

11. The Mira

How does this scarf technique work? First, wrap the scarf around your neck once. Second, twist a loose end of the scarf until you can hold it steady in your hand. Now wrap this end a second time around the neck and put the tip in the loop. The other end of the scarf is also stowed away. So the scarf is compact on your neck and warms you in cold days.

12. The Celebrity

So wear a scarf like a star. It’s easy and fast. So wrap the scarf around your neck twice. Pull the two scarf ends through a loop. The one end let you hang loose, the other end of the scarf stowed in the loop. So tie the scarf fast and it looks good.

13. The Waterfall

So you give your scarf or foulard a glamorous appearance, because he comes in this binding technology to advantage. First wrap the scarf around your neck twice. Then grab one end on a corner and pull it up. Now you already recognize why this technique is called “waterfall”. Now put this end on the opposite side in the scarf loop. This is how your summer foulard comes into its own.

14. The Boa

The boa is actually a snake and this is exactly what this connective technique tries to imitate. First, you simply put the scarf around your neck. Then grab the one end of the scarf and wrap it several times around the loop that is already on your neck. Now this end is already stowed. Now grab the other end and do the same: simply wrap the already existing loop. The scarf looks really like a boa!

15. The magic trick

A neat way to wear a scarf. As always, wrap the scarf around your neck. Now it gets a bit more complicated. Now pull one end through the loop around your neck. But do not pull it completely, but only so far, until it forms a loop again. These in turn pull the other end of the scarf completely through. Done is the “magic trick”. This will not only impress scarf lovers, but everyone around them.

16. The fake knot

Now you have to be very careful to see how the scarf is tied here. First put the scarf around your neck. After that, make an end and loop in as if you want to make a knot. But you do not completely close the knot, but let it go. Through this remaining opening, pull the other end of the scarf through. Like the lady in the video, you can now adjust the scarf a bit.

17. The X

I’m sure you’ve never tied your scarf like this before. This binding technique is called “The X” and actually looks like this. At the beginning you put the scarf around your neck as usual. Now it’s a second time around. It is not bound as usual in front, but you knot the scarf now behind. Nevertheless, you take the scarf ends forward and pull them through the scarf loop on your neck. Finished!

18. The Key Tie

How to tie your scarf in a casual way. Let’s go: put the scarf around your neck twice. The scarf must be relatively tight. The loose scarf ends knot you in front. Both ends then lead you through the scarf loop again. Is done quickly and looks good!

19. The Braid

Have you already tried the European Loop? This binding technique is quite similar and is almost the “advanced version”. You take the scarf twice and form a noose around your neck. The other end is now pulled through. So far there is no difference to the European Loop. Now comes the trick: hold the noose tight and twist it once. This creates a new opening through which you can pass the scarf again. With this technique you give your scarf a lot of volume.

20. The Wist & Pull

Very similar to the above binding technique. First, take the scarf twice and put it around your neck. Now just pull one end of the scarf through the loop (as opposed to the “European Loop” and the “Braid”). The loop is now twisted once, creating another opening. The second end of the scarf now comes through this opening and forms you a great scarf knot.

21. The Hidden Knot

German means this binding technique “The Hidden Node”. And that’s exactly what it’s about. It is best to take a voluminous, fluffy winter scarf for this technique. First put the scarf around your neck and then around it once. Knot the scarf ends at the front and put them under the loop on the neck. So the scarf fits tightly and warms you on cold winter days. In addition, it still looks good.

22. The Men’s Tie

Do you like tie knot as a woman? Did you know that you can tie a scarf like a tie? In the video you can see how it works. With such a knot and this binding technique you set a clear fashion statement.

23. The DIY Infinity

Do you like Loop Scarves, but do not have one at hand? Then this way of knotting your scarf is just right. After putting the scarf around your neck knot the two ends of the scarf at the front. The scarf is now closed. Now pull the loop over your head. A big advantage of this technique is that you can not lose the scarf on the move.

24. The Decoration

Here, the scarf is not only tied, but you decorate Him (and yourself) with an accessory. Do you have a flower on hand? This is how it works: Swing the scarf around your neck and make a knot at one end of the scarf. This is now the holder for the flower (or whatever you want to use). Through the knot you plug the other end of the scarf and pull the whole thing tight. This bandage technique together with a flower in the scarf guarantees for interested looks.

25. The Shell Roll

This binding technique is easy to remember and fast. You wrap the scarf around your neck three times. The one end of the scarf is then hidden at the back of your neck in the already wrapped scarf. The other end hangs down easily. Ideal for spring outfits.

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